MoDOT Begins Preparing for Winter Season

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JEFFERSON CITY - After major snow storms in February 2013, the Missouri Department of Transportation is making sure it's prepared for the upcoming winter season.

MoDOT is starting to inspect and repair snowplows, revise work routes and retrain employees.

"We're getting close to the winter season, so we're taking steps to prepare and those steps involve internal training with our staff," said central district engineer Randy Aulbur. "You know, just to refresh them on winter operations, and get familiar with operating the equipment again. We also look at our resources as a whole and make sure they're up to operating standards for the winter season."  

MoDOT is also stocking its staff to help clear roadways. Aulbur says MoDOT plans to hire about 100 on-call emergency snowplow operators in the central district. The on-call workers will assist with clearing Missouri roadways. The central district includes 18 counties in Mid-Missouri. 

"The on-call positions are a way to supplement our existing staff," Aulbur said." "With the way our winter seasons are, they're unpredictable. It's really not cost efficient to staff yourself in a way that meets everything that could happen, so we kind of looked to this on-call resource, or emergency resource, to supplement that amount."

According to MoDOT, on-call snowplow applicants must be 18 and have a commercial driver's license, class A or B, with no air brake restrictions. On-call workers can earn up to $15.63 per hour depending on experience levels.

Aulbur says MoDOT plans to be prepared for the winter season by November 1.

MoDOT spends about $42 million each year to keep roads clear during the winter season. For more information about winter weather preparations or to apply to be an on-call plower visit MoDOT's website.