Mr. Mizzou Honored at Homecoming

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COLUMBIA -- John Kadlec is a familiar name to many around Mizzou. This year, Kadlec was the Grand Marshal for Missouri's 101 homecoming.

It's been more than 60 years since John Kadlec moved from St. Louis to Columbia to play football for Mizzou in 1947.

Kadlec said, "He said Johnny and I said oh yeah I knew it was Coach Faurot and he said Welcome to the Tigers. I tell you what, I fe lt at that time, that he made me really feel like I belonged, and it was a great moment for me."

He had plenty of great moments as a player. He earned all big seven as an offensive lineman in 1950 under Don Faurot. He also coached with Mizzou greats Frank Broyles, Dan Devine and Al Onofrio until 1977.

"I'll always be thankful for Coach Faurot because he got me a very pleasant life, I always say if I ever had to find a job, I don't know what I would do, I wouldn't have had a job for 55 years. I love athletics and I love Missouri," said Kadlec.

Kadlec says his time on the practice field is the favorite coaching memory, "The best job I ever had was coaching, because I enjoyed it so much. I was out with the kids at the practice field and also you got a chance to really know the players."

After coaching, Kadlec took the microphone with in 1995 and as part of the Tiger Radio Broadcast for was on the 16 years. Being with the Missouri Athletic Department for more than 60 years, Mr. Mizzou has seen some changes.

Kadlec said, "Things being equal, I'd say I think I would like to stay in the Big 12 because we had great rivalries with kU and so forth and Oklahoma."

Kadlec says mizzou naming him the homecoming grand marshall is the ultimate honor. "I think that it's a great honor and I'm very very happy with it, because I know they could have gotten other people, but I appreciate that they selected me. I got four grandkids and they're excited about it, I'm hoping they can ride in the car with me."

As for the future, his plans are open.

"I don't have any goals to do anything, maybe I have a goal to be here a while," Kadlec said.