MU announces basketball punishments for 5 NCAA violations

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COLUMBIA - MU Athletics announced Wednesday multiple self-imposed punishments for five NCAA rules violations related to the MU men's basketball team. Punishments include a postseason ban, the vacating of wins from a previous season and a fine.

Head coach Kim Anderson said, “We are obviously very disappointed that the actions of a few individuals have put our program in this situation."

The biggest violation, a level one infraction, involved a donor who provided impermissible benefits to three men’s basketball athletes and one prospective student from 2013-2014.

Those benefits included compensating the students for work not performed, housing, cash, transportation, iPads, meals and gym access.

That donor was also involved in a lesser violation by having multiple impermissible recruiting contacts with a prospective student and paying for a meal for a non-scholastic coach.

A second donor was involved in a level two infraction by providing impermissible benefits to 11 athletes and three members of one athlete’s family from 2011-2014.

Those benefits included providing the students with a “friends & family” reduced rate at a hotel, meals and a boat ride. A Missouri men’s basketball student manager also provided transportation for multiple athletes to the hotel from the Missouri campus.

In another level two violation the University of Missouri was cited with a failure to adequately monitor the internship program. 

A fifth violation at a lower level involved a former associate head coach who helped a prospective athlete's family arrange rental housing.

MU Athletics said "the university took action to hold student-athletes, staff and donors who were involved accountable." The steps taken were:

  • The university vacated all wins from the 2013-14 season.
  • The university imposed a one-year postseason ban for the 2015-16 men’s basketball season, which prohibits the team from participating in the 2016 SEC Men’s Basketball Tournament, and any other postseason competition sanctioned by the NCAA. As such, the university will not receive any revenues from the 2016 SEC or NCAA men’s basketball tournaments.
  • The university self-imposed the loss of one men’s basketball scholarship in 2015-16 and an additional scholarship loss to be incurred no later than the 2017-18 season.
  • The university placed restrictions on the recruiting activities of the men’s basketball staff during the years of 2014-15 through 2016-17.
  • Restitution and withholding from competition for impermissible benefits received by student-athletes was imposed as necessary.
  • The former associate head men’s basketball coach was prohibited from off-campus recruiting for a period of three months while the review process was underway.
  • The university permanently disassociated Representative #1, prohibiting him from receiving tickets, making donations or otherwise representing the university.
  • The university disassociated Representative #2 for a period of two years, prohibiting him from receiving tickets, making donations or otherwise representing the university.
  • The university will pay the NCAA a fine in the prescribed amount of $5,000.

Anderson said he "hurts for our kids more than anything."

"I am confident we will overcome this and be stronger as a team and as a staff because of it," he said. "We are committed to representing this great university and state with honor and integrity and that’s what we are going to do.”

Chancellor Hank Foley said, "We have an obligation to adhere to all NCAA and SEC rules as a member institution and we will continue to improve our education and oversight to ensure that we compete with integrity.”