MU Attempts to Solve Eliminated Student Transportation

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COLUMBIA - Columbia is discontinuing bus services to off-campus, student housing in south Columbia. The University of Missouri decided to take matters into its own hands and hired a consultant to provide solutions to the transportation issue.

MU hired Solstice Transportation Group Inc. of Atlanta. Solstice Transportation Group has past success surveying the University of Illinois and Iowa State with similar transportation issues. These evaluations and plans are going to cost the university $65,000. According to MU officials, the parking and transportation department will fund the services.

The city is currently asking south Columbia apartment complexes for financial help for funding the bus services. This month, the city met with nine apartment complexes asking to provide a combined $569,941. Otherwise, it would eliminate the Black and Gold bus routes. Four apartment complexes have a contract with Columbia for transportation.

No plans have officially been made. MU officials said they have not ruled out a transit system just for students. Officials said they are waiting to see what the consultant says. Officials said they believe there is enough parking on campus for any students who may start driving.

The consultant will begin work on February 7.