MU Coaches Help Kick-Off Columbia Slimdown Challenge

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COLUMBIA - Mizzou coaches Gary Pinkel and Frank Haith and MU Athletic Director Mike Alden supported the first day for weigh-ins for the Columbia Slimdown Challenge Monday.  The Columbia Slimdown Challenge is a 12-week weight-loss competition of teams with four to six members.

Teams can weigh-in all week at multiple locations including all of the Hy-Vee stores in town, the ARC, Hearnes Center, MUHC campus and Wilson's Fitness. The official competition doesn't begin until May 1 and runs through August 1.

Haith said the competition is a great way to show people how to be healthy.

"I think nutrition is so important," said Haith.  "Your daily activities, how you eat, and what you put into your body is important.  We talk to our athletes about how they fill their bodies and how to get more out of their bodies.  It's all about being good and healthy."

Pinkel is entering his twelfth year as the University of Missouri's football coach.  He said losing weight can really help one's confidence.

"You're not only going to feel better, but you're going to feel better about yourself," said Pinkel.  "So your self esteem gets a bit better and just a win-win in many different ways."

Many participants said they're motivating themselves to lose weight by setting goals.  Breanna Dunnavant wants to lose 50 pounds in the three-month span.

"It's all about completely changing my lifestyle the way it needs to be for my body to function properly," said Dunnavant.  "You have to change everything.  It can't just be a daily diet-type thing.  You need to keep it for the long haul."

As of Monday morning, the Columbia Slimdown challenge had more than 380 teams signed up. Teams can still sign up through next Monday, April 30.

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