MU Faculty Discuss Performance-Based Funding

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COLUMBIA - The MU Faculty Council met Thursday to discuss the possibilities of implementing performance-based funding at the university.

Performance funding determines how much state money should be given to schools based on their ‘performance' in certain areas of study. The discussion comes after Governor Jay Nixon's insistence that Missouri schools need to implement a performance-based funding model at a higher education summit in August.

Nikki Krawitz, vice president of finance and administration for the UM system, led the meeting and emphasized performance funding isn't anything new to Mizzou. The school has many programs with performance-based aspects to them. She also said the model would be based on performance measures the school already gathers, so no new data would have to be gathered.

The faculty council members talked about what measures should be used to do determine performance funding, and even raised questions about the impact it could have on faculty and departments to perform their normal duties.

Some measures that were discussed included student progress (through retention rate and credit hours completed), degree attainment, quality of learning, and affordability.

Krawitz will present the measures again at the general faculty meeting on November 16.