MU graduation ceremonies continue despite inclement weather

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COLUMBIA- A total of six MU December graduation ceremonies continued as scheduled, despite inclement weather that caused concern for road travel throughout the state.

One parent was concerned about making it to her son's College of Engineering ceremony.

"We left at noon and we got here close to 6 p.m., from O'Fallon, Illinois," said Dwyla Young.

She said the drive from O'Fallon usually takes a little more than two hours.

Icy road conditions lead Young to make the decision to exit the highway to make it to her son's graduation in Columbia.

"We kind of drove up a hill, in the grass, off onto the outer road," Young said. "We had to go about 50 miles per hour. Before, we were just

When making the drive to Columbia, Young even called MU to check if Friday's ceremonies were still taking place. 

Inclement weather may have slowed down people traveling to MU's graduation ceremonies, but Christian Basi, associate director of MU News Bureau, said MU either continues with ceremonies as scheduled or cancels altogether when the weather gets bad.

"With the amount of ceremonies that we have and with the number of people that are coming in for those ceremonies, it would be very, very difficult, if next to impossible, to postpone those ceremonies," Basi said.

Basi also added that MU chooses not to postpone ceremonies due to multiple graduations taking place in the same facility.

"It's very difficult for us to postpone one ceremony without having an effect on others, probably multiple other ceremonies throughout the weekend," Basi said.

Even though this weekend's commencement ceremonies are continuing as scheduled, Basi advises people to use caution.

"We're really urging students, parents, the public, everyone to use their best judgment," Basi said. "Check the road conditions, check the weather reports and make a personal decision to ensure their safety tonight and through the weekend."