MU march for Michael Brown

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COLUMBIA - MU students and community members participated in a silent march to support Michael Brown Wednesday evening. The community created a group called "MU for Mike Brown" after the fatal shooting of the unarmed teen.

Protests in Ferguson remain peaceful, and people in Columbia said they wanted to do something similar.

One of the group leaders, Naomi Daugherty, said she demands justice.

"The fact that he was killed unjustly, I'm over it. So the whole system I am just over, and it is time for us to demand justice and start a new revolution," Daugherty said.

Daugherty said the silence part of the march was powerful, and it allowed them to get noticed without using words.

"We demand visibility, and we want people to see us," Daugherty said.

MU Professor Dr. Scott Brooks spoke at the event. He said he wanted people to learn how important it is to act on something and the power of liberation.

"I hope we are able to have conversations about this and classes will have time to integrate conversations about policing and how racial inequality exists. So that is what I am hoping for, that it becomes a campus wide unified event not simply about black students about getting together," Brooks said.

He concluded his speech saying there are no final victories, and we have to unit so we can all be free.

In the group people are encouraged to participate and peacefully express their opinions. The march began in the campus plaza amphitheater and continued through campus to end at the MU Columns.

Not everyone is in support of the new group.

There is also a Facebook group in support for the police officer who shot Michael Brown. The "I Support Officer Wilson," currently has over 70,000 likes and is looking to get more people on board.

The Mike Brown group plans to host other events to promote education and encourage activism later on.

The next event is a town meeting hosted in the Black Cultural Center on September 4.