MU publish new recommendations on diversity, equity and inclusion

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COLUMBIA - The University of Missouri released official recommendations on Wednesday for how the institution can proceed in addressing issues about diversity and equity.

The recommendations include improving both the manner in which the university recruits faculty, staff and students, and the manner in which the university retains them. Another example of the recommendations is to expand the diversity of network as well as fostering better relationship with the community that surrounds each of the individual campuses.

“It's a set of recommendations, both long and short term, for each of the four campuses and one for the system as we move forward as an institution to address issues of diversity, equity and inclusion,“ Chair of the MU DEI Task Force Dr. S. David Mitchell said.

The recommendations are made based on a system-wide audit, another MU initiative which was finished after only one year's work. The audit is conducted by diversity consulting firm IBIS.

To add more direct recommendations the university's own task force for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) published their additions on the audit Wednesday.

The recommendations are the first step in making changes; before the recommendations can be implemented they need to be approved by the insitution's leadership.

“What is important about the audit and the task force's recommendations is that, you can't get to point of making positive change unless you know what exist,“ Mitchell said. “If we improve diversity, equity and inclusion at large, we are improving the institution for each of it's members.“