MU study shows skin care products increase BPA absorption

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COLUMBIA - MU study shows BPA from thermal paper cash receipts can be absorbed into the body much faster if skin care products are on the hands before handling the receipt.

Skin care products such as lotion, soap, and hand sanitizer speed up the absorption rate on BPA into the body. 

BPA helps make the dye stick to certain papers including store receipts but the chemical can also be harmful to people because it can interfere with hormones like estrogen. 

Professor Frederick Vom Saal of the University of Missouri had volunteers in the lab handle receipts with dry hands and had some handle the paper after using Plurell. Those who handled the receipts after using hand sanitizer had ten times more BPA absorbed. 

Vom Saal also had a group eat French fries after handling a receipt and using hand sanitizer. This group had elevated levels of BPA in their blood serum and urine. 

Most stores owners in Columbia had no idea large amount of BPA are used to print their receipts. 

Currently the FDA does not regulate BPA in thermal receipt paper like receipts either. 

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