Neighborhood Near School Getting Sidewalks

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COLE COUNTY - Cole County Public Works plans to build sidewalks near Pioneer Trail Elementary. The county held a meeting Tuesday to talk to neighbors about the details.

The project for the sidewalks is called Safe Routes to School.

Cole County and the Jefferson City School District applied for funding from the Safe Routes to School grants through the Missouri Department of Transportation. Safe Routes to School uses federal funding set aside for projects to get children to school safer.

Cole County received $250,000 in federal funding. The grant will pay for a big part of the project. Cole County will fund the rest of the project.

The decision to add sidewalks to the area is because there is a good amount of students in the area that are not served by the local school bus.

"When you get a project like this it's a little different in the fact that it's going into a residential area more or less, it's kind of a through way, Rainbow Drive is, but it's a lot of residential," county engineer Eric Landwehr said. "They've never had sidewalks in the area. It's a pretty good change for the people and property owners." 

Sidewalks will be put in along Pioneer Trail Drive and Rainbow Drive. The sidewalks will be added to the south side of Rainbow Drive because the county says a majority of the children that do not use the school bus program are located south of Rainbow Drive. Those who live on either of the roads may have property that will be affected by the sidewalk addition. 

The preliminary design will be constructed after public works and Bartlett & West, the engineers, go through the community's input from the meeting on Tuesday.

Landwehr said the construction dates are not yet set in stone, but since it is funded by the federal government through MoDOT, workers have to make a few target dates.