New Artwork Coming to Downtown Columbia

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COLUMBIA - The Columbia City Council approved three new Percent for Art projects Monday. Artists will redesign the fourth and fifth floors of the new addition to city hall.

Artist Norleen Nosri will design the fourth floor. She will use ceramic teapots and cups to convey community and harmony on the Columbia Water and Utility floor.

Artist Joel Sager will paint three new paintings on the the fifth floor. The three paintings will convey Columbia's culture, commerece, and civics.

Lastly, outside the Short Street Parking Garage, artist Beth Nybeck will sculpt a piece called "Tide Murmur." It is made of stainless steel and resembles ripples. The sculpture is titled "Tidal Murmur." It will be 40 feet long, 20 feet wide and 18 feet tall.

Manager of The Office of Cultural Affairs Chris Stevens said, "It allows us to show who we are. It allows us to show our personality. We have to have roads, we have to have sewers, we have to have police enforcement and firemen...those are all very important things to the city. But the public art and the Percent for Art Program really allows us to show who we are."

Another big issue Monday dealt with the rezoning of property located on the southwest corner of Grindstone Parkway and Rock Quarry Road. Some protesters presented a petition to the city council, but it was deemed invalid because of miscalculation of the area. The council tabled the rezoning motion for two more weeks to give the people who filed a petition time to redraft a valid petition.

Council members also voted that it is illegal to possess fireworks in Columbia.

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