New Law Allows Electronic Proof of Insurance

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JEFFERSON CITY - Governor Jay Nixon signed a bill into law Tuesday that will allow Missouri motorists to show proof of insurance electronically.

Drivers will be able to replace carrying insurance cards with having electronic copies of their insurance information on smartphones or tablets.

The law will be effective starting August 28 this year.

The bill also allows insurance companies to put policies forms online so motorists have easier access.

Government Affairs Director of the Missouri Insurance Coalition Brent Butler said the new law will make it easier for drivers to find insurance compatible with their needs.

"You can access these websites and compare policy forms with all the insurers that choose to do that. And then, go to your agent and say 'I want to shop with this company because I think I like this policy better,'" Butler said.

Electronic proof of insurance is not required by the law.

Drivers may still have their insurance companies mail a paper copy free of charge.