New MKT Connector Trail Construction Underway

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COLUMBIA - Columbia residents will soon have a new path that connects to the MKT Trail.  Work on the County Greenway Trail is underway.  The one-mile trail will connect a large residential area around Stadium Boulevard and College Park to the MKT Trail allowing for easy access.  Steve Saitta, the Parks Development Superintendent with the Parks and Recreation Department, said the city needs more "connector trails" like this one.

"I think these connector projects are just invaluable to the overall trail system that we've got in allowing people to basically ride to the trail out of their neighborhoods rather than load the bike up," said Saitta.

The trail will run from the intersection at Stadium and College Park - down the hill from the Forum Shopping Center - to the existing Twin Lakes Trail that connects to the MKT Trail.  The trail will be completed by the fall.