New Video Suggests Sanders' Compassion

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COLUMBIA- Supporters of veteran police officer Rob Sanders are circulating a new video from Sanders' dashboard camera showing what appears to be a compassionate side of Sanders toward Kenneth Baker in the parking garage of the Columbia Police Department. The supporters saw this video for the first time Wednesday morning.

Sanders was fired from the Columbia Police Department after a surveillance video showed him assualting Baker in a holding cell. This newly released video shows the entire process from the point of initial contact with Baker, Sanders putting Baker in the car, and transporting Baker to the parking garage. About nine minutes after being pepper sprayed and transported by police vehicle to the Columbia Police Department, the camera on Sanders' dashboard shows Sanders pouring water on Baker from a garden hose to allow him to decontaminate.

The video show Sanders pulling up Baker's shirt to allow him to blow his nose after being hosed down and helping him out. Supporters of Sanders wonder why he would show compassion if ultimately he just wanted to hurt Baker. In their opinion, supporters think if you could hear audio in the holding cell you would hear Sanders begging Baker to be compliant. Supporters of Sanders want this video to be shown so people can see the other side of the story and witness the compassion Sanders had toward Baker, before the holding cell.

Supporters think there is no justification for Sanders' termination, only perception and acting on impulse. The supporters are waiting on more videos that have pending sunshine requests.