New Walkways Proposed for Stephens Lake Park

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COLUMBIA - Director of Parks and Recreation Mike Hood proposed to city officials constructing new access walkways for Stephens Lake Park. The Parks and Recreation Commission expressed concerns at a Thursday meeting about safety when coming through the Broadway entrance of the park.

Mike Hood said there is currently no access for wheelchair users at the Broadway entrance and they must go all the way to the entrance on Old Highway 63. 

There are three proposed access walkways, A,B, and C, but the officials seem to only favor 2 routes. Officials say they can do without the proposed C walkway for now.

Commissioner Meredith Donaldson is in favor of access area B because she says there is heavy traffic at this entrance. About 3,000 to 4,000 people go to this park regularly.

The project will cost approximately $25,000. Here is a breakdown of the project cost.

Hood said the city hopes to start the project this Summer or no later than this Fall.

The next step will be for the city council to discuss the proposals.

Check out a map of the proposed areas.