Nixon Announces \"Export Missouri\"

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COLUMBIA - Gov. Nixon announced the launch of the "Export Missouri" initiative Friday.

Nixon said the initiative will help Missouri companies export more products overseas. The governor said investing in exports has worked out well over the course of his tenure.

"Over the past several years the proactive approach has paid off, with exports of Missouri-made products hitting record highs and our economy continuing to grow," Nixon said.

Part of the "Export Missouri" initiative will be opening Missouri foreign offices in Toronto, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Missouri Soybean Association Field Services Manager J.P. Dunn said additional foreign offices would be a huge boost because half off all Missouri soybeans end up overseas.

"We already have an office in Taiwan, and that has been a big help to us, so any additional offices will do nothing but help our chances of selling more overseas," Dunn said.

The plan also includes investing money in trade specialists who will give company-specific advice to Missouri exporting companies. Dunn said this will help the Soybean Association put more money into improving specialized products like ethanol to ship overseas, instead of sending only base soybeans for less profit.

Dunn and Nixon agreed the plan should create more jobs in Missouri. Nixon said 6,250 manufacturing jobs are either created or supported for every $1 billion in U.S. exports.