Nixon Visits Sedalia

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SEDALIA - Governor Nixon visited Sedalia Friday to survey the damage from Wednesday's tornado.  Nixon surveyed Brentwood Avenue, a residential area where you can find destroyed houses sitting next to ones still standing.

The south side of the city was one of the hardest hit from Wednesday's tornado. Nixon had a chance to talk to many people in the neighborhood. One woman talked about how the tornado picked up her dog and carried it a block away.  The family says the dog miraculously survived.

Nixon said he thinks the people living in Sedalia survived this tornado because they reacted to the tornado sirens. One person who reacted to the sirens inside his school was sixth grader Cade Rowlett. Even though he was in shelter at Sedalia Middle School, he was still very scared.

"Am I gonna die at school with all my friends," Rowlett said. "Other people were saying, 'I might make it out, but I probably won't,'" Rowlett said.

Rowlett also had no idea about what had happened with his sister Lindsay, who's a student at Skyline Elementary. Fortunately, students there were taking shelter as well.

"It makes me feel horrible that I don't know where my sister is," Rowlett said. "I don't know if she's safe or not, and it just makes me feel sad."

The city's started cleaning up since the tornado Wednesday afternoon. Friday Governor Nixon added six more counties to the assistance list in the state. Individuals in counties like Dunklin, Pemiscot, Phelps, and St. Francois all can seek federal help for uninsured flood or storm losses.