No Call List for Cell Phones Becomes Law

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JEFFERSON CITY - On Tuesday, a bill expanding the list of phone numbers from which telemarketers are prohibited from calling is set to take effect. Previously, Missouri's No Call List included household lines only, but Missouri residents can now register their cell phones and fax machines.

Under the bill, telemarketers will also be prevented from texting numbers that have registered with the list. For each violation, telemarketers could face fines of up to $5,000.

According to the Attorney General's Office, 1.8 million cell phone users have already registered their phones since the office began accepting applications on June 14.

There are four registration dates for the No Call List. The next deadline for registration is November 1, and telemarketers will not be able to reach those cell phone users starting January 1. To register with the No Call List visit the Attorney General's website or call 866-No Call 1 (866-662-2551).