No Land Purchase

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COLUMBIA - The Jefferson City Public Schools superintendent said he will not recommend purchasing land located next to the high school.

The land is located on Roland and Marshall Streets and composed of nine different properties. It might have been used for additional parking and other needs, but Superintendent Larry Linthacum said he doesn't believe the purchase should be made.

"We still have those needs. We're still working together, but at this time that is not the recommendation," he said.

Linthacum said as the Board of Education vetted the purchase with stakeholders, faculty and the community, the Long Range Planning Committee recommended a second high school instead. 

After several meetings with the Long Range Planning Committee and the Board of Education, a second high school was still determined as the best option.

"I couldn't honestly, you know, recommend a second high school if we purchased the land there," Linthacum said.

He said a second high school was recommended to the Board of Education in October 2014.  

Linthacum said he started working in the school system over 20 years ago, and plans for a second high school were a topic of conversation even then.

The school board will have a meeting Monday night to discuss a plan for the second high school.  

Linthacum said if the second high school option does not pass, the school board will still need to address the system's space needs.