No More Snow

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COLUMBIA - Just as Mid-Missouri residents thought please, say it ain't snow, Mother Nature had a different idea. Now after Sunday's impromptu snow fall, people think this must be the end. The Farmers Almanac says differently.

Rumor has started to spread about the accuracy of the Farmers Almanac this year and how it has predicted every major snow storm, except that one. The Almanac has predicted significant amounts of snow to be dumped on Mid-Missouri March 24-27.

Atmospheric Science Professor Anthony Lupo thinks that this latest storm might have fulfilled the Almanacs prophecy, a week early. A sigh of relief is uttered countywide at that notion. Because the fear of a significant storm two days before Mizzou and Columbia Public Schools spring break.

"The snow won't stop me unless it spreads all the way to Panama," Michael Curtis, University of Missouri freshman said.

Peter Geiger, editor of the Farmers Almanac says "When you reach March, you don't know what is going to happen. It's a very iffy month when it comes to predicting weather. It can be anything from 70 degrees and sunny to having snow storms."

Columbia has seen that trend before, but only once has it seen a winter as snowy as this one.