One Vote Ends Tie in Mid-Missouri Election

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CALLAWAY COUNTY - A bipartisan certification team found in a recount on Wednesday that one ballot in Tuesday's South Callaway County school board election was not marked properly and therefore not originally counted by the computer. The recount ended what had been a tie between Erin Rogers Howard and Greg Kimminau for one of the two available seats on the board.

In initial results, Howard and Kimminau were tied for the second seat with 147 votes a piece.

The tie was officially ended after Wednesday's hand recount. According to Callaway County Clerk Denise Hubbard the one ballot that tipped the election in Kimminau's favor was not marked properly, but during the hand recount it was clear on the ballot for whom the person intended to vote. She said the voter had marked a line after Kimminau's name; however, what the voter was supposed to do was draw one line completing the arrow to the right of Kimminua's name.

Hubbard also said Tuesday's election is a perfect example why people should get out and vote because one vote, especially in smaller elections, can make a huge difference. "The votes always count even in the big elections because if you don't go vote, you know, then you don't have a say," Hubbard said. She also said there was only a 6% voter turnout in Callaway County.

Following the recount, Kimminau's vote total was moved to 148 while Howard's remained at 147.

On Wednesday, during the recount Kimminau said he was initially surprised when he found out he was tied for the second seat.

The new board members will be installed during the school board's next meeting on Wednesday, April 11.