Osage County interim sheriff has resigned

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OSAGE COUNTY - Interim Sheriff of Osage County Ron Dishman resigned Thursday, amid concerns that he may not live inside of the county boundaries. 

Dishman took over after former Sheriff Michael Dixon resigned in May following accusations of being drunk with a loaded gun at a bar and pointing the gun at another person. 

In 2014, Dixon pleaded guilty to the sexual harassment of a police officer. In that time he kept his position but was put on probation. 

Osage County Clerk Patrick Steele said the fact that Dishman did not live in the county is a legitimate concern of the county commission. Dishman had planned to run for the position of sheriff in the general election in November as an independent candidate.

"They cited that [his residency] as a reason to question his candidacy," Steele said. 

Steele said he believes Dishman was living in the county at the time he served as sheriff.

The commission held a meeting Friday morning to address the resignation. Steele said it started at 8:30 a.m. and ended a little after 10 a.m.

Steel said someone made a recommendation to have a former sheriff, Carl Fowler, resume the position. 

"The commission agreed to call Fowler to see if he was interested. He came in and asked some questions, and the commission then voted to appoint him," he said.

Fowler served as sheriff of Osage County for 20 years before Dixon won the position in 2013.

According to Steele, the commission decided Fowler would serve as sheriff until after the election, then he will resign.

"Then whoever the elected candidate is will take office right after the election," Steele said.

Chris Albert and Michael Bonham won the primary elections this week and will face off for Osage County sheriff in the general election on November 8.