Osage Flooding

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OSAGE COUNTY- Flooding in Osage County is problematic but not causing major headaches.

The flooding has closed down parts of county routes D, RA, and N.

"I know several postal workers that have to navigate those roads," said resident John Rinkemeyer. "To them it's not a big deal, you just have to find alternative routes."

Others however were not as optimisitc.

"This is something that is hurting farmers' land and the roads," said college student Tyler DeYoung. "I have not seen anything like this except the footage of the flood from 1993."

Despite the closure,one person attepted to cross over part of the flooded Route RA.

"I am just going back to the house," resident Tim Wieberg said. "The other route home is having flooding problems too."

Although many creeks are overflowing, no Mid Missouri rivers are expected to crest above flood stage. That has Rinkemeyer very thankful.

"I think we have it pretty good compared to what is happening in Southern Missouri and other places in the Midwest."