Parents Get Innovative on Third Snow Day

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COLUMBIA - Wednesday was the third snow day in a row for Columbia Public Schools, meaning a five day weekend for students. With students out of school, many parents were left entertaining their kids.

Annette Hollister is a single mother of four girls and since she works for Christian Chapel Academy, she's been off work this week too. She said she loves snow days.

"We get to be home baking cookies and doing things together," Hollister said. "We made homemade ornaments for Valentine's Day. We decorated for Valentine's Day."

Hollister said she started preparing for the snow days on Friday. "I went to the public library and I stocked up on lots of videos and audio CDs," Hollister said.

Hollister and her girls have watched a movie and baked a different batch of cookies every day. The girls all agreed they love baking and playing outdoors with each other. They made snow angels, threw snow at each other, and went sledding on Wednesday. Hollister's oldest daughter, Nora, said it was the first day they could play outdoors.

Hollister said while she loves snow days, it isn't always easy keeping the kids entertained.

"I had a moment yesterday," Hollister explained. She didn't know what else she could do with her girls. But her home saved the day. "We have a basement where the girls can ride their scooters so I just sent them to the basement to ride scooters."

Just down the road, Lynn Summers and her 8-year-old daughter were playing outdoors. Summers works for the University of Missouri, and her daughter goes to Mill Creek Elementary. Summers said she got an idea for a perfect snow day activity from a friend.

"We got her valentines all ready for her school party," Summers said. "It was a snow day project that one of my girlfriends mentioned and I thought it was a good idea."

Summers and her daughter have also done some house cleaning, played games, and watched movies. Now that the roads aren't as bad as they were on Tuesday, Summers said she needed to run out and get some milk. She said she didn't stock up on anything beforehand since she could walk to Walgreens if she had to get things.

Both Summers and Hollister live in Columbia neighborhoods and neither of their streets had been plowed as of Wednesday afternoon.