Parking Garage Seeks Tenants

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COLUMBIA - The City of Columbia is still looking for tenants to fill the retail space at the Fifth and Walnut parking garage. Crews are still working to finish the space.

The garage has been open for more than a month, and so far only one organization plans to move in.  Regional Econonmic Development Inc, or REDI, plans to move a support center into the garage.

REDI President Mike Brooks says his organization is looking for more funds to attract tenants to the garage's retail space.

District Director, Carrie Gartner, says she's looking forward to REDI moving downtown and hopes other businesses follow suit. Gartner says although there are currently no tenants looking to move into the garage, she's seen a lot of interest in office and retail space in other areas of the District.

"In the last few months, I've gotten more calls about opening businesses than we have in a while. I think people are coming out of the recession and people are looking to start new businesses and we're certainly feeling that," said Gartner.