Parking permit price increases proposed at City Council

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COLUMBIA - If a City Council proposal passes, Columbia residents could be paying more for parking permits.

Uncovered parking spots in garages would see a $10 monthly increase, while surface lot permits would be an extra $5 per month.

Municipal parking structures would have yearly fees increase from $715 to $825 a year.

"About every couple years we do a study of what our costs are and if they go up, we have to raise the cost to keep up with our cost," City Manager Mike Matthes said.

The city expects the proposed changes to provide an additional $37,785 in funds annually.

People and businesses that purchase more than five passes would receive a 5 percent discount.

Matthes said Columbia tries to keep prices down for parkers by not generating income from parking fees.

He said garages are a good option, even though they aren't always the most convenient.

"The best place to look for parking is in a garage, although most people would like to park right in front of the business they're going to, so they tend to prefer the on-street, but there's almost always a spot available in a garage," Matthes said.