Pet Psychic Visits Columbia

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COLUMBIA - A pet psychic spoke to more than 100 people inside the Kimball Ballroom on the Stephens College Campus Thursday. Joan Ranquet, a Stephens College alumna, returned to give tips to the crowd about communicating with their pets. Ranquet, also a former stage actress, told anecdotes about personal experiences of how she communicated with animals of all kinds throughout her life. She has been an animal communicator, or "pet psychic. for 15 years.

"It's great to be back," she said. "Everybody has been so warm and comforting here."

Ranquet was a former equestrian player at Stephens in the 1980s. She said she was amazed by the progress the program has made.

"It's great to be back in the stables. They really do have an amazing program. It's nice to see how much they've grown."

The crowd seemed pretty engaged throughout. At one point, an audience member shared her story of when her pet dog seemed to talk to her.

She even brought in a dog and let the crowd try its hand at reading the dog's feelings. Ranquet is the author of the book Communication with All Life, Revelations of an Animal Communicator.

"We're doing it all the time," Ranquet said. "We do what we mean and mean what we say and those animals listen to that. We need to make sure we don't send mixed messages."

You can find more about Ranquet's book and animal communication at her website,