Poll shows Missourians unhappy with last week's MU protests

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COLUMBIA - A new poll shows a majority of Missourians disagreed with the actions of student protesters on the MU campus last week.

Remington Research Group conducted the poll for Missouri Scout, a website that covers state political news. The group polled Missouri voters from across the state.

20 percent of Missourians agree with the prostesters' actions last week, while 18 percent were unsure. 

The results showed a major difference in opinion between African-Americans voters and white voters. 23 percent of white voters agreed with the prostesters' message about racial inequality at MU, while 53 percent of African-Americans agreed.

"I've talked to protesters and I've tried to see their side of the issue," said MU student Savanna Heiney. "I think a lot of people these days are very close minded to new ideas and closed minded to things outside of their beliefs. I think the way we can grow and change is by being more open minded to those ideas." 

There was also a racial divide when voters were asked, "Do you agree or disagree with University of Missouri prostesters' actions in the past week?" 51 percent of African-Americans agree with the statement, compared to 18 percent of white voters. 

One MU student said he would tell people to continue to try to learn more information about the protest.

"When I came to college I didn't understand what systematic racism, institutionalized racism was all about," Bruce Dougherty said. "If they understood the roots and kind of everything involved that goes involved with that kind of racism, I think they would be more aware as to why these protesters were protesting." 

The poll also showed 41 percent of Missourians disapproved of football coach Gary Pinkel's handling of the situation. Pinkel tweeted a photo of the team, coaches included, to show support for his players as they boycotted all football-related activities Saturday, Nov. 7.