Publishing Is Lengthy, Deliberate Process at University of Missouri Press

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COLUMBIA - Publishing a book at the University of Missouri Press takes a total team effort. And this team knows how to work through a lengthy process.

"If the manuscript is good and doesn't need to be seriously rewritten, [it takes] about a year from the time [the author] submits it to the time that we get a finished product," marketing manager Beth Chandler said.

The process begins with acquisitions editor John Brenner. "It's a long process," Brenner said. "There's a lot of work at this stage in the game before anyone else at The Press sees anything."

"I'm generally the first person the author meets," Brenner said. "If it sounds like we're a good match... they want to work with us, we want to work with them... they will submit their work."

After the work is submitted, Brenner conducts a scholarly peer review. "I will go out and find two expert scholars to evaluate the work," Brenner said.

If all reviews are favorable, the manuscript will undergo a lengthy editing process.  When that process nears its completion, Beth Chandler goes to work.

"I work with the different vendors to introduce them to the new [books] we're doing," Beth Chandler said. "We just had an article in Readers Digest about one of our books, so I sent that out before it happened to make sure [our vendors] have enough copies on hand. "

Earlier this week the University of Missouri released plans to integrate the press into a campus-wide model utilizing digital formats. The ten University Press employees are still scheduled to be laid off. The re-organization of the press comes as a cost cutting measure for the university. More details for the new press will be announced in the coming months.