Rapes and homicides up, burglaries down in latest CPD statistics

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COLUMBIA- Columbia Police Department recently released its 2016 crime statistics, and it's a mixed bag of results.

CPD reports there were 111 reported rapes in 2016, a sharp jump from the 82 reported in 2015.

Public Information Officer Bryana Larimer said she believes the number of rapes have gone up because of a change in the wording and definition.

"In 2013 they changed the definition of rape. That could play a big role in why the numbers are higher," Larimer said.

The number of homicides has increased as well, jumping from one in 2015 to six in 2016.

You can find maps and lists with specifics on these numbers.

But there was a bit of good news, as burglaries were way down.

There were 530 reported burglaries in 2016, a steep drop from the 839 in 2015.

The Columbia Police Department has worked to get burglary numbers down in the last couple of years, including putting more patrol cars in high-incident areas, and working to put repeat offenders behind bars. 


CPD wants people to know there are resources available to help people prevent burglary.

That includes a program called vacation watch in passing, which allows people who are gone for a long period of time to have an officer stop by their house and make sure everything is OK.

There is also a property inventory log available, where people can log the serial numbers of everything they own so they can report it to the police if it's ever stolen. 

A community crime map is also available and allows for people to search where the crime is in their neighborhood.