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COLUMBIA - City council member Gary Kespohl visited the Regency Mobile Home Park and shared his encounters with KOMU 8 News and other council members on Wednesday. Kespohl spent two and a half hours at the park Tuesday.

According to Kespohl's email, there are currently 73 occupied units in the park. Of those 73 units, 41 are two or more months behind in their lot rental payments. Some of the people behind on their payments owe up to $2,300.

Residents learned last weekend that they must move out by the end of February. After the current residents are evicted, student housing construction will begin at the location.

Kespohl said this is a tough situation for Columbia residents. Blue Acres Mobile Home Park offered to move residents into the park across Highway 63 free of charge for mobile home renters. Kespohl hopes other council members will send him additional suggestions on how to make the transition process easier on everyone.