Renowned Korean author leads lecture about "Comfort Women"

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COLUMBIA - Author and autobiographer Maija Rhee Devine led a lecture about "comfort women" Wednesday on the University of Missouri's campus.

Comfort women are women who were captured and coersed by the Japanese Military during WWII to provide sexual favors and services. 

Devine's latest work-in-progress, Journals of Comfort Women, tells the stories of women affected by the sex slave period.  

Director of Global leadership, Dr. Seungkwon You, said the Asian Affairs Center brought Devine on campus to create a discussion about a group of women who in that past hasn't gotten much recognition. 

"The goal is learn more about this period of time, " Dr. You said. "Many people think this is just in the past, but it is not, it still becomes very critical and a major issue when you consider the relationship between Korea and Japan."

Devine noted many former comfort women are now in their 80s and 90s. She said, "My wish is that these women get some sort of compensation before they die."