Rent Inspections

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COLUMBIA-  The Community Development Department is holding two meetings to get public input on raising rental inspection fees.  These fee increases would apply for inspections, reinspections, and failure to meet the inspector. 

The proposal would raise the fee for inspection from $7 to $15 per unit.  Reinspection fees would raise by $5 to $25 and failure to meet the inspector would raise from $15 to $20 per incident.

The last time the city raised these fees was in 2000. 

The proposed increases do not include hiking up rental application fees, renewals, or complaint inspections.

The meetings will be held at City Hall at 4 p.m., and 7 p.m. City officials are looking for public input on these proposed rate hikes. 

Officials are also looking for input in on setting up an occupancy disclosure system.  This system would require tenants to tell the city how many people are living in their home.