Report on Local Nuclear Plant

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CALLAWAY COUNTY - A heated Facebook debate sparked a further look into mid-Missourians concerns about more investment in nuclear energy.

A discussion continued throughout Wednesday as KOMU viewers heard news that a nuclear meltdown was becoming a greater possibility in Japan. State Sen. Mike Kehoe, R-Jefferson City, is sponsoring a bill that would lead to more nuclear energy in Missouri. Kehoe said Tuesday the tragedy in Japan would not cause him to change the proposal.

While Republicans said a second nuclear reactor in Callaway County would attract businesses and create jobs, some viewers wrote they thought higher utility rates as a result of building the reactor would deter businesses and impede growth.

An NRC list ranked the top 10 nuclear plants across the U.S. on a quake risk scale. Callaway County ranked 104 out of 104 on the list of all nuclear plants across the country. Even with a low risk of catastrophy as result of a quake, KOMU viewers felt nuclear energy should be a last resort after renewable safe energy sources.