Residents voice concerns about bear on the loose

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FULTON - It's the mystery that's confounding and, in some cases, frightening residents in Fulton: Where is the bear?

A bear that's been on the loose since Sunday night has reportedly made another appearance.

People allegedly spotted it in front of Tom's Cleaner's Sunday night around 8 p.m. 

A community member was able to take a photo of the bear walking along the sidewalk in front of the building, but it disappeared shortly after.

Fulton community members have been speaking out about their concerns for the safety of people as well as the bear.

Some residents say the bear should be left alone, and that it will wander off on its own.

Fulton visitor Amy Ramatowski said she thinks the bear isn't a threat. 

"I don't think a bear that size is dangerous," Ramatowski said. "I don't believe that it came here to attack's probably just foraging. Maybe it got separated from its mom or something, or its siblings."

Others say the bear is a major concern for the community. 

Westminster College Alumnist Vernon Doku said the bear is a definitely a concern and should be taken care of by the Fulton Police Department and Callaway County Sheriff's Office. 

"It should be a major concern to the community..." Doku said. "And it's up to law enforcement to keep looking for it until they find it."

The Missouri Department of Conservation is now handling all calls regarding the bear.