Road to Columbia Regional Airport Gets a Facelift

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ASHLAND - A road leading to the Columbia Regional Airport will undergo construction this July or August. 

APAC-Missouri will redo Angel Lane, a road just off of US Highway 63 South.

This project has been in the works for more than year, but discrepancies between the City of Ashland and Boone County delayed the process. The city and county did not agree on who owned the road, but reached an agreement Tuesday and awarded APAC-Missouri the contract. Ashland will pay for 70 percent of the construction, and Boone County will pay for the remaining 30 percent. Once crews complete construction, Ashland will have full ownership of the road, and will be responsible for paying for its upkeep.

The road currently worn down with several potholes.

APAC-Missouri will not widen the road. It will repave the existing road while using the current road as a base.

First Ward Alderman George Campbell lives on Angel Lane and said he is happy with the construction, and believes the travel delays will be worth the outcome. 

"The overall result is worth the inconvenience during the process, by all means. I don't think you'll have anybody crabby," Campbell said.