Runners Stay Safe While Sweating Out the Summer

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COLUMBIA - With the official start of summer (and swim suit season), more people are trying to stay fit. And while some might flock to Columbia's trails to jog, it's important to remember that the high heat can pose serious health issues when not taken seriously.

Georgi Angelov, one Columbia runner, said he has been running for most of his life.  He said running is a lot more difficult in the summer heat.

"Especially when you get out of the shade, the sun just exhausts you completely," Angelov said. "No matter whether the sun is shining on you, no matter how hot it is, you've got to keep going.  I imagine myself being in a race and just tell myself: two more miles, one more mile."

Despite pushing himeslf to finish, Angelov said he knows his limits and is very careful to drink plenty of water before he goes out for a run.

"Drink before you start running, about 30 minutes, because by the time you start running, you're going to be well hydrated," he said. "If you feel nauseous, just go to the shade and relax a bit."

The Road Runners Club of America has some tips to staying healthy while you're sweating:

1. Stay hydrated.

2. Run in the shade if possible.

3. Don't run outside if it's more than 98.6 degrees, or if the humidity is above 80 percent.

4. If you feel dizzy or nauseous; stop running and find shade.

5. Use sunscreen.