Sarah's Stories 2.6.12

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BOONE COUNTY - A new Missouri cookbook may reduce the amount of trips to the grocery store.

'Cooking Wild in Missouri' is a new cookbook that features dishes made with items you hunt or gather. The Koenig family has continued the tradition for the last six months.

"I was just inspired how fresh all of the recipes are," said Ann Koenig.

Some of the popular recipes include rhubarb chutney with Indian venison, persimmon pie, and pumpkin stew.

"We hollowed out the pumpkin and took out all the pulp," said Oliver Koenig. "When we ate it was without seeds and it was really good."

The blog, Woods to Food, details the Koenig's adventure through the wilderness. The blog covers the Koenig's adventures, from fishing trips to mushroom hunts. If you'd like to purchase the $15 cookbook, you can get it at the The Koenig blog is here