Scammers target bank

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COLUMBIA - Central Bank of Boone County is warning its customers of a potential new phone scam in an attempt to gain access to their card information.

Jefferson City resident Marty Mulheron said an unfamiliar number called him claiming to be from the bank.

The scammers then told him his account was on hold and to reactivate it he would need to enter his account number.

What the scammers did not realize was that Mulheron was not an account holder at the bank.

"The asked me to enter my 16-digit card number so I thought 'let's see what happens here'. So i hit 16 zeros. And then it paused for a little bit and it came back and said my card was invalid. Well, no kidding. I don't have one," said Mulheron.

Mulheron later contacted an employee at the bank who said this also happened to several other people, some of whom are actual account holders at the bank. 

"We were receiving calls from not just this bank," said Mary Wilkerson, senior vice president of marketing at Central Bank of Boone County. "Jeff City, Sedalia, Mexico...I mean we were getting calls from a lot of customers from all around the area.

Though Mulheron has never been a victim of credit card fraud, he said card holders need to be careful.

"If it's something really important, they would have your information, they will have you maiden name, or they will have your last four social security digits," said Mulheron.

But Wilkerson said there is one exception.

"If you initiate a call, say I need to call my bank card or my card holder and tell them something or change something," Wilkerson said. "Then they may ask you to put your number in."

Mulheron later logged onto Facebook where he noticed some of his friends received a similar phone call, prompting him to reach out to KOMU.

Wilkerson does not know if any account holders gave their information to the scammers, but said those who did should contact the bank immediately.

"People should not feel bad about that. These things sound legitimate," Wilkerson said.

An investigation into the scam is  still underway.