School Staff Uses T-Shirts to Help Families

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BOONVILLE - A group calling itself "Hannah's Helpers" prepared Monday for its second round of t-shirt orders at Hannah Cole Primary School. The fundraiser was started this year to help two of the school's families in need of financial assistance because of medical situations.

The group's initial goal was to raise $400. The group sold the t-shirts at $9 for children and $11 for adults. Hannah Cole Primary guidance counselor Becky Dowell said the group has sold 300 t-shirts, far exceeding its goal.

"The whole community has been involved, it's been great," said Dowell.

Dowell said the group hopes this will become an annual fundraiser. She said the t-shirts are unique because each year's t-shirt will feature different students' designs. This year's t-shirt is navy blue and gold. This year's winning design was drawn by one of the school's first graders. The illustration is of students holding hands around the globe. On the back of the shirt is Winston Churchill's quote, "You make a living by what you get, but you make life by what you give."

"We had all different kinds [of designs]. They did a fantastic job. It was hard to choose one. We had lots of little stick people holding hands or lots of little writings of "Hannah's Helpers"

The group chose this year's design because it symbolized its efforts to help lots of people.

Hannah's Helpers will decide on a yearly basis that gets the money. Dowell said the group has had such a positive response that there will be another chance soon to order more t-shirts.

"We're hoping to do this ongoing throughout the year and have the funds available so anytime something like this comes up and a family needs assistance we can have that money available for them."

Anyone can purchase a t-shirt or donate to the fundraiser. Contact Hannah Cole Primary School for details.