SEC grads have stronger ties to alma mater

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COLUMBIA - A new study found that SEC alumni are almost twice as likely to have strong ties to their alma mater than graduates of other four year colleges or universities. 

University of Missouri Director of Counseling David Wallace said he isn't surprised. 

"It's almost like a religion," he said. "Between the athletics, and just all the connections students make at an SEC school. It makes sense that students are still going to care about their school after they graduate."

Wallace said his opinion has been shaped by a lifetime with the SEC.

"I grew up in the deep South," he said. "I was constantly around LSU, Ole Miss, Auburn, Alabama, all the good old rivalries."

Wallace also graduated from Mizzou, and said since the school joined the SEC, he's seen an uptick in athletic fervor. 

"I think we were all shocked, that first big game, when Georgia came here," he said. "They tried to land about 200 planes at the Columbia airport, and we were just speechless."

The study also found a connection between "thriving in all elements of well-being", such as job satisfaction, and a strong emotional attachment to one's alma mater. 

To Wallace, that makes a lot of sense.

"We prepare our students well," he said. "I think Mizzou teaches students how to lead happy and successful lives, and in return, our graduates feel an emotional connection to the school."