Senators Call for Increased Capitol Security

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JEFFERSON CITY - Two Missouri senators are calling for increased security at the capitol a day after five legislators found stickers of gun targets near the doors of their Missouri Capitol offices.

Sen. Jolie Justus, D-Jackson County, said she hopes talking about this publicly will shed light on what she considers to be violence.

Justus also said there needs to be a good balance of access while also making sure people serving the state has protection they need.

There was increased security since Tuesday's incident, but as of Wednesday afternoon, no metal detectors at any public entrance to the capitol. That's something Sen. Robin Wright-Jones said she wants to see changed. "I do believe it should be open to the general public, it is the people's capitol, but we need to have scanners and we need to have our bags looked at when we come in," Wright-Jones said.

Wright-Jones also said whoever put the stickers on her door should have just come talk with her. "Don't do the school-yard thing and just leave a note or a symbol like this. Obviously someone has something they want to say, and it's cowardly for them to do that opposed to just coming in here and talking to us," Wright-Jones said.

The Missouri Highway Patrol and Capitol Police are investigating the incidents. The Missouri Department of Public Safety said it does not comment on security procedures, but said the department takes security at all state buildings seriously.