Server Ordinance

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COLUMBIA - The Columbia Substance Abuse Advisory Commission discussed a server training ordinance Wednesday.

The commission already has a draft of the ordinance.

Under the ordinance anyone serving alcohol would have an alcohol server training endorsement. This endorsement would be added to their food handlers license.  

Those who serve alcohol will be trained on how to serve alcohol and how to recognize when someone consumes too much.                                                                                                                                                 

They will also be trained on how to recognize fake IDs, those who are underage, shoplifting, and even when people are having others buy alcohol for them.   

On Wednesday the commission discussed how best to implement this plan.   

The group discussed requiring all bar employees taking online training under the State of Missouri Alcohol Responsiblity Training website. 

Substance Abuse Advisory Commission Chair Michelle Baumstark says the next step is talking to the bar owners, but that won't happen until August.