Show-Me Green Tax Holiday Spares Missourians Sales Tax

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COLUMBIA - From April 19th through the 26th Missouri consumers who buy certain Energy Star Qualified appliances won't have to pay the state sales taxes on purchases under $1,500.

The Missouri legislature created the Show-Me Green tax holiday in 2009. Products that qualify include Energy Star Qualified refrigerators, washers and water heaters. Energy Star doesn't rate kitchens, ranges, and clothes driers so these appliances aren't eligible for the tax holiday.

Counties and cities also have the option of waiving their individual taxes and while Columbia and Boone county aren't, Moniteau and Audrain counties are.

Downtown Appliances salesman Gene Lavely said the tax holiday helps sales, "Every year we do this, it definitely helps business. People that need refrigerators at this time or a washer or a dishwasher can save some money."

You can find a full listing of products that qualify on the Department of Revenue website.