Silver Haired Legislature

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JEFFERSON CITY - Missouri's Silver Haired Legislature, commonly known as SHL, met Monday for the beginning of its 38th legislative season.  The session will last through Wednesday. The SHL is a group of citizens 60 years or older elected at senior centers and aging nutrition centers which promotes legislation for Missouri's older adults.  The SHL meets once a year in the fall to vote on five bills for its legislative agenda for the next year.  

This year one of the hot button issues SHL will be voting on is reinstating funding for the Home Delivered Meals program.  The group said without the meal program, many Missourians are unable to receive healthy meals, which can force them to live in a nursing home.  

Joyce Findley, a SHL representative for northeast Missouri, said if the state does not give more money to this program, it will be throwing other money away.  

"It costs a lot more money for them to go to a nursing home than it is for them to stay home and have meals delivered to them.  So I'm hoping they will replenish the money they took away, and add to it." Findley said.

There are a total of 30 senators and 120 representatives that make up Missouri's SHL.  Elections for these positions are held annually in May.