Some side roads remain slick, MoDOT urges caution

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COLUMBIA- After a day of icy weather Friday, mid-Missouri can expect to see snow going into Saturday evening.

MoDOT officials have been working to clear major roads covered with ice. However, side roads may not be clear.

One MoDOT spokesperson said the department is working around-the-clock to treat both Friday's ice and also Saturday's new precipitation.

"Now that it's snowing on top of that, we're going to continue treating for both the ice and the snow," said Jason Shafer, a MoDOT assistant district maintenance engineer. "We've got crews lined up to be working through the night on into tomorrow as needed."

Shafer also said Friday's weather conditions made it difficult to get the ice to melt and that northern Boone County conditions are still slick, while the southern portion is fairly clear. 

At this time, MoDOT urges people not to park on priority snow routes and to avoid travel, if at all possible, due to "dangerously low" temperatures freezing roadways. 

"With the snow tonight, with the ice we still have in some locations, I would really question the necessity of the trips that you make," Shafer said. "If you can stay at home, I encourage you doing so that way it gives us an opportunity to get the roads clear and you can have a safer trip to town whenever you do need to go." 

MoDOT offers a statewide road conditions map

Additionally, the City of Columbia provides snow and ice management updates and rules for parking on snow routes.