Special Session to Focus on Jobs, Taxes

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COLUMBIA - Governor Nixon called the General Assembly to special session Monday. The session will begin Sept. 6.

The Governor says in the call that he hopes to use the time efficiently and effectively to pass a bipartisan jobs package and tax credit reform legislation. He specified certain job-creating legislation that would encourage growth in science and technology industries as well as increase Missouri exports.

Lawmakers will also review tax credit reform legislation that would authorize a brief tax amnesty program later this year.

Although their summer break will be cut short, legislators say it is worth the extra hours and tax-payers dollars.

Rep. Mary Still (D-Columbia) says, "We have got to take action to create jobs. We should have done it during the regular session. And it is disappointing to me that we wasted a lot of time on things that are not as important."

Rep. Bill White (R-Joplin) told KOMU in a phone call Monday, "It is the Governor's prerogative to call a special session... This legislation should have gone through in the spring. That should have happened and it didn't happen."

The Governor and other lawmakers agree these are important bills to address, and this special session could allow them to do just that.