State Rep. Pressing Governor to Call Special Session

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JEFFERSON CITY - State Representative T.J. Berry, R-Kearney, is pushing Missouri Governor Jay Nixon to hold a special session to address his concerns with a tax bill.

Nixon vetoed the bill, citing concerns with the increase in sales tax for prescription drugs and textbooks. Nixon also expressed concern with the retro-activity of the bill, which allows Missourians to apply the smaller tax rate on claims from previous years. Nixon said this would spark an immediate drain on Missouri's economy.

Gov. Nixon has not yet addressed Berry's informal request to hold a special session to discuss the income tax cut.

Berry issued the request Thursday, saying that he hopes Democrats and Republicans can work together to find a solution.

Nixon's press secretary, Scott Holste, said they still have not looked into Berry's request, and said there is a possibility the governor will ignore the request.

Berry said he plans to issue his formal request on Tuesday, September 3.

Although Berry said he thinks the governor has a right to ignore his request, he said doing so would hurt Missourians.

"If he does ignore the request, I would question his sincerity on fixing the problems," Berry said.

Berry said he plans to hold the special session concurrently with the veto session September 11. By Missouri law, if the two run concurrently, lawmakers can stay in session for 10 days.


If Nixon does not grant the Legislature a special session, Republicans hope they can override the veto during this year's veto session.