Stephens College Hosts Program for Young Filmmakers

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COLUMBIA - Students began work Monday in a new camp at Stephens College that partners middle school girls from New York with filmmakers.

The new camp teaches the young filmmakers the basics of working with the camera and exposes them to college life in the Midwest. The girls had to go through an application process in order to participate in the program. The program admitted eight girls from New York and one from Columbia.

The girls will spend the week working on a self-made film about their college-life experience at Stephens. During their stay, the campers will live in college dorms, explore downtown Columbia, as well as tour the stables and ride the horses in the Equestrian Center.

Prep Chart and Stephens fund most of the program's expenses. The students' family's pay a flat fee of 200 dollars as part of the flight cost, and the schools pay for everything else. Funding comes from a compilation of donations and money the schools have saved for such programs.